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All-in-one care system

AOSept plus is a one-step disinfectant solution for cleaning, disinfecting, neutralizing and storing all lens types. Some contact lens wearers are sensitive to certain storage components. For them, a peroxide liquid without preservative is usually a better solution. AOSept plus is a preservative-free disinfectant based on 3% hydrogen peroxide. The liquid also contains a surface cleaner, so that cleaning and disinfecting take place simultaneously. Unneutralized AOSept plus should never come into direct contact with the eye. The neutralization of the liquid is done by means of a platinum disc located at the bottom of the lens holder.

Powerful, 3-fold cleansing action for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes

Diepe reiniging
1. Cleans deeply: hydrogen peroxide penetrates the lens and kills germs and bacteria for thorough disinfection and deep cleaning.

Maakt het vuil los

2. Loosens dirt: A built-in surfactant, Pluronic 17R4, breaks down and removes deposits from the lens surface.

Verbetert het verwijderen van proteïne

3. Improves the removal of protein: the effervescent effect of the unique formula of AOSEPT® PLUS improves the removal of protein.

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